Make a Suggestion


R E U N I O N   R E L A T E D   O R   O T H E R W I S E

To make a suggestion, please determine which committee it relates to. Send an email to one or all committee members by composing the message at the bottom of a member's profile page and submitting the email.  Alternatively, or in addition to, feel free to use an announcement on the "Message Forum" to allow other former classmates to view the suggestion/idea.

The committees are:
        Roy Isom / Mary Kathryn Sims Woods
        Sue Sellers Thompson / Kay Hughes Cunningham
        Jackie Kerr Miller /  Mary Kathryn Sims Woods
        Faye Solly Buteaud / Tommi Fraser Campbell
        Jimmy Wright

 Other committees will undoubtedly be established.    What committee do you suggest we form?