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10/01/13 11:27 AM #112    

Billy Ray Chambliss

Looking forward greatly.----9:00 AM?--- Who can get up at that time of day, let alone be at the Baptist church??

We'll be there!

10/01/13 11:42 AM #113    

Tommie Fraser (Campbell)

I agree Billy. Way too early for me too. Don't mind the church. It's really nice since they've rebuilt it. I do miss those beautiful stained glass windows though. 

10/09/13 10:55 AM #114    

Curtis Ursrey

Looking forward to seeing everyone.  It has been a long time for me. I now live back in the Jasper area.

Curtis Ursrey.

10/15/13 06:53 PM #115    

Ronda Martin (Stefflen)

It has been a very long time since I have seen most of you but have been able to keep up with some of you through Tommie.  I am planning to come up Saturday morning.  Just too much going on here at home to be away two nights.   Hopefully some of you will remember me, Ronda Beth Martin Stefflen.

10/16/13 08:37 AM #116    


Sue Sellers (Thompson)

Saturday night of the reunion will be a blast from the past . . . be sure and join us for a fun evening and a time to remember those classmates/friends who have passed before us.  Don't miss this opportunity to spend time together and  reminense all the times we shared!

I look forward to seeing each of you . . . and Ronda, of course, I remember you!  We had so many fun times together!!

Hugs to all - until October 25 when we will all be cheerleading for the Bulldogs once again!


10/16/13 03:47 PM #117    


Sue Sellers (Thompson)


Sounds wonderful . . . and of course, dancing is always better than a head table! :)  I am very excited to MC our event and especially pay tribute to those friends who aren't with us anymore.  Let's make it the best one ever . . . .



10/16/13 09:50 PM #118    

Bettie Jean Jones

Well I am more than a little frustrated with this reunion stuff--no phone # found to contact any of the committee members doing all this planning..I need the $30.00 per person? just for the dinner?  football tickets included or do we get our own?  Help someone me @ 832 planning to be at all the events but I need to get this info so can get my money to JACKIE..ASAP!.

10/24/13 03:27 PM #119    

Roy Isom

Sorry, Betty!   I just left you a phone message.  Call me at 409-384-0491. 



10/27/13 01:40 PM #120    

Henry (Hank) Bevil

Thanks !  To Everyone, Workers especially, You did a Great Job. To All of you

we didn't see in 09, it was so good to see You this week-end, Thanks for

coming.  It was Great to see everyone again.  If anyone has a 1957 Annual,

Darlene needs one @ the museum.


10/27/13 03:14 PM #121    

Tommie Fraser (Campbell)

Reunion was Super!!!. I think everyone had a great time. To those who put in all the hard work, a big thank you! Was wonderful to see those I hadn't seen in 50 years plus those I'd seen at the 09 reunion. I think our class has aged very well. Don't think we look like it's been 50 years. Our aches and pains may be telling us differently though. Again it was just lots of fun and I hope we can do it again -  in say 5 years!

10/27/13 05:36 PM #122    

Tommie Fraser (Campbell)

Just wanted to point out that although I was on the food committee, it was Faye who got Rayburn for us and saved us a lot of money and also got the delicious food for us. All I did was bring those cookies to the meet and greet. So hats off to Faye for all her work!!!


10/27/13 10:38 PM #123    

Billy Ray Chambliss

I wanna do it again next month!

I want to thank all the folks who worked so hard to put this together and thanks to all the ones who traveled so far just to see me; especially Cary, who gave up opening day(weekend) of deer season! It was GREAT!!

10/28/13 10:00 AM #124    

Johnnie Ruth Burnett (Ener)

From Johnnie Ruth: Thank you Roy for carrying on as our Class President. You have kept us all in touch! Faye, Thanks for the banner and all the lovely table arrangements you made.Mary Kathryn, the poem was precious! Mary Neil and Jackie thanks again for handling the $.
It was a joy to be together with each of you dear friends. To hear how Jesus is dear to you as He is to me makes me want to sing! God bless each of you until we meet again.

10/30/13 11:31 PM #125    

Glenda McBRIDE (Smith)

Our 50th reunion was great. So enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing the stories that several shared. Thanks to all on the committee for their great job of putting on the best one yet. Hope everyone stays healthy so we can do it again. Hugs to all, until we meet again.

11/01/13 11:06 AM #126    


Virgle Herrin

Great job!  It was very enjoyable.  After all these years, Jasper is still my touching stone.  It is always comforting to know some things never change,  And, that folks that had such significant impact on me in a vulnerable and impressionable period are real.  I know most of you do not know me well but that class (especially the Beech Grove group) has as much to do with my success as did all my wonderful teachers.

Thank you from the depths of my heart -- for now and the 60's.

11/10/13 01:10 PM #127    


John Lee Kent


Many thanks to all who worked so hard to put together the 50th Class of 1963 Reunion.




11/26/13 09:01 AM #128    

Henry (Hank) Bevil

Happy Thanksgiving,  Old Folks,  Ha!  I certainly have much to be thankful for, especially

seeing some of you after " 50 Years "   !



01/02/14 05:58 PM #129    

Robert (Bobby) Nelson

Wonderful 50th Reunion!  It made me sad that I did not make more of an effort to attend previous gatherings other than the 25th!  All involved did a fabulous job of putting it all together.  Do hope you all had a blessed Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Have a healthy, bountiful, fruitful, and blessed 2014!  Contact me if you get to middle Tennessee.

Check out the 12 photos from the reunion that I posted.


01/06/14 08:21 PM #130    

Billy Ray Chambliss

Love the new pictures. Thanks, guys!

01/06/14 09:28 PM #131    


John Lee Kent

Thanks for posting all the photos!

04/06/14 10:02 PM #132    

Mary Kathryn Sims (Woods)

Glenda Faye McBride Smith has given me a copy of the pictures that can be seen on her gallery pics of the 50th reunion.  They are on a disc, and Jackie said she could make copies for anyone that wants one.  Let me know via this website, and we will see what we can do.  I may edit out any pictures of me.


09/03/16 05:31 PM #133    


Hollis Faye Solly (Buteaud)

Hoping everyone has a very Happy Summer time in 2019 with your family!🏖🍉🏊‍♀️🍦

11/12/17 09:43 AM #134    


John Lee Kent

Sad to advise that my Mother, MARILYN WOODS KENT, passed away Nov 12, at age 95, in St. Paul, MN.

Tentative plans are for a Memorial Service in Newton TX in early December.

John Lee Kent, Jr.


11/13/17 02:03 PM #135    

Karolyn Kay Fuller

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, Lee. She was such a lovely person. I know you will miss her terribly. Blessings to you and your family.

11/13/17 04:14 PM #136    


John Lee Kent

Thanks for the reply. 

Memorial Service information for Marilyn Kent:

Sat. Nov. 18th at 1:00 PM 

First Baptist Church of Newton

319 Main St

Newton, TX 75966

ph 409-379-3381

Arrangements by Smith Funeral Home, Newton , TX



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