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Glenn Adkins

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10/15/08 11:52 PM #1    

Roy Isom

Actually I knew Glenn many years before he joined our class. We had both attended Pineland Elementary School in Pineland, TX -- now known as West Sabine. I did not realize, however, until after he moved to Jasper that he was named "Glenn". Everyone always called him "Glenndean", saying it so quickly that he seemed to have a two sylable first name. Glenn Dean was always slim. I can remember because I was, too, back then. We had the opportunity to play basketball a bunch. He was a good athlete.

The story about Glenn that I always think of first though was one of the times when as elementary school kids we would sneak across the street at lunch to goof off by the railroad tracks. This particular day I had taken a magnifying glass with me. After playing around with it for awhuile, I laid it down. The sun was shining brightly that day. In short, I started a fire near the railroad tracks. The area was in a ditch line as is often the case with railroads. That assisted the flames to grow higher and higher since the flames climed up the embankments.

There were several of us at the beginning of the fire, but Glenn Dean was the only friend I remember helping me fight the fire out.

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